About Ivan Matviyenko

I'm an experienced systems administrator AND software developer, and has been working in IT for about 20 years. Although I started my carrier as a mostly PC support guy, I never gave up software development which was my passion since the high school years. So even as I went down the rabbit hole of the professional systems engineer's carrier exploring the quirks of various server side technologies, I was using every opportunity to apply my programming skills to extend the systems functionality, script a common admin task or create a fully integrated end-to-end automation solution. As a result, I'm sometimes confused as to what I should call myself - a software developer or a systems support engineer :) Honestly, I think I'm both, and I also think that with the current DevOps religion taking over the traditional IT shops with clear dev/ops separation, it does make a lot of sense for systems operations/maintenance engineer to be a good programmer as well.

For the past few years, my primary focus was on SharePoint, MS SQL and Docker in the systems administration area and on C#, PowerShell and JavaScript (both Node.js and browser environments) for software development. The list of server technologies I've come across is below, even if I can't claim expert level knowledge of all of the items: